Revive Us

“Restore us, O Lord God Almighty; make your face shine upon us, that we may be saved.”

                                                                                                                        Psalm 80:19

            I came across this old hymn on the website as i was researching the Eightieth Psalm.  It leads us in praise and prayer to Almighty God as the One who pours out upon our lives His grace which revives us as a people who have received the grace which comes from His presence. 

1 O thou who the Shepherd of Israel art,
Give ear to our pray’r and thy favor impart;
Thou leader of Joseph, thou guide of his way,
‘Mid cherubim dwelling, thy glory display.

2 In Ephraim’s, Manasseh’s and Benjamin’s sight,
O come thou and save us; awake in thy might.
O God, give us favor, restore to thy grace;
And then we shall live in the light of thy face.

3 From Egypt’s dark border a vine thou didst take;
Destroying the heathen didst room for it make.
Where planted it grew at thy sov’reign command,
With roots deeply set and boughs filling the land.

4 The axe hews it down; it is burned in the fire;
They perish, rebuked in thy terrible ire.
O lay then thy hand on the Man of thy might,
The Son of Man made to stand strong in thy sight.

5 No more shall we wander, delighting in shame;
Revive us, O Lord, we will call on thy Name.
O Lord God of Hosts, us restore to thy grace,
And then we shall live in the light of thy face.

Source: Trinity Hymnal (Rev. ed.) #349

            What a wonderful call for us to pray to God asking for the revival of His Church in this world that is being ruined by sin.  Let us pray together for this.

By retir158

I am a retired Baptist Pastor living in Leamington Ontario. I am a husband, a father to three and a grandfather to eight.

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